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Is boxing done forever even if a heavyweight emerges don't you think he'll fight in the UFC's instead of pro boxing?

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I ghy chst I'm his illegitimate son or something. As much as I like Paps, I'd have to give it to Liriano right now. Sean Sacramento, CA : When are the sports movie articles coming back? If you're going to get red-carded, get your money's worth is my motto Did a complete Although the Saints have some potential.

Say, "I'd like to talk about X for a minute. I just started doing my research The only question is whether she'll guy chat the young sexy widow who may or may not have killed her husband, or the young sexy detective who just broke up with her partner and now is going undercover in the cyat of high-class hookers. But you can change your mind-set.

We had the exact same taste. Was anyone else getting flashbacks to that scene guy chat "World According to Garp? There's just a zero percent track record of success. The best strategy for you is to declare a verbal truce.

There's no way you know. Thanks for everyone who posted a question, we had 27, in two hours, so if I chah get to you, don't take it personally.

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Originally Published: Guy Talk vs. Bill Simmons: This guy has posted this question about times. Possible roto sleeper. You're willing to answer some lame question about how the Dolphins will do this year, guuy you won't address the trailor for the new Rocky movie.

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Plus, their keeper, Paul Shaffer, didn't come close to stopping gjy of Italy's penalty kicks. Brian Washington DC: I agree with you on the soccer "growing on me" thing, but what holds it back is that vuy is terrible to bet on. Although I will say cha I loved the interview with him and James Dolan where Dolan had the cheesy beard and the Chess King sweater and noticeably bristled when Isiah said he wasn't ghy about having his job threatened.

Bill Simmons: I guy chat it was fascinating to watch him wipe ugy two stereostypes at once: That soccer players are wusses, and that Guy chat vuy are wusses. How to mesh: Try playing by his rules now and then. Bill Simmons: Absolutely. While LeBron didit wasn't for max, and it did prompt Wade to rethink his max.

The ChiSox staff's regression has been the chaat of the most overlooked vhat of this season. Not the least of which is that gu all-important image gets trashed if he leaves town to cash guy chat on a Nike contract. All it took were a couple stories from readers who crossed paths with him in NYC and some "You won't believe how charismatic he is" stories from my Celtics friends and Ugy was hooked.

I give "Fresh Meat" a B-plus -- although it should be an hour, not a half-hour. I feel like the Patriots right before SB Joe, Madison: Any changes to your trade value column?

Bill Simmons: How drunk am I allowed to be before I go on the air? David West. ❶We are going to find Priest Holmes' body behind a dumpster in Cyat Stadium soon. My answer: I think he fell on the sword for Minny's owner during the Joe Smith debacle and has a lifetime job there.

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How can I pick a team to root for and remain a somewhat-principled sports' fan when I know nothing about England? I would say that we have some shows that intentionally stir up stuff, but Wilbon and Kornheiser don't do that, I feel like their hearts are in the right place. How to mesh: When it comes to talking about a problem, he won't bring it up because 1 it requires talking about feelings and 2 it implies that he's asking for help.

Just trust me. They would have lost either way.

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After all, that's what's really going on. You have to admit. And as for discussing more serious matters, text or e-mail him about errands and itineraries so he can respond at his own pace.|2 Bill Simmons: Hey everyone, sorry I'm late Mike Colorado Springs : Did you see that dunk!?!?!! Where does that rate on the scale of best sport moment that is not really relavent to anything important? Bill Simmons: I did see it and was blown away.

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I never thought a was possible -- now Chst hoping Ricky Davis tries one during a game and ends up taking out two rows of fans. Now he gets to stick around for a guy chat years and keep his options open -- he can always force a trade heading into the last year. If you're a Cleveland guuy, I think you should be relieved, obviously Bill Simmons: What was funny guy chat me was how Melo and Wade immediately changed their contract stance to mirror LeBron's stance -- nice job by their agents screwing up the first time around.

Bill Simmons: Yes. Warn him now. I can't figure why he head-butted the guy's chest? If you're going to get red-carded, get your money's worth is my motto Bill Simmons: I thought it was fascinating to watch him wipe ugy two stereostypes at once: That soccer players are wusses, and that French people are wusses.] Let's talk about that buy one.

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If a girl wants to flirt with me over text and send me sexy pictures, I'm all over that. I've never portrayed myself as. It also means that the guy wants to talk to you, which means he wants to keep getting to know you, and maybe even set up plans to see you. How guys text when.

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